Degree Master Practitioner Eating Desorders & Obesity

We learn the fruits by playing with the children of the Rainbow Kindergarten







Speech at the Music High School – Lyceum of Ptolemaida

Speech at the 1st Primary School of Ptolemaida

Informing parents at the 14th Kindergarten of Ptolemaida

Presentation ME … NU in a restaurant

Lecture on How to Read Dietary Labels Properly at the Nikeios School of Nymfaio, Florina

Discussing the profession of Dietitian at the 2nd EPAL of Ptolemaida

Smart Snacks in an Emergency at the Ptolemaida Fire Department

Informing parents at the Municipal Swimming Pool of Ptolemaida about the meals of our athletes

Speech at the Association of Runners and Hikers of Eordea


Mr. Parmakis Michalis – Mr. Papadopoulos Ioannis

The “Marathon” of Nutrition

Speech at the Bakers Association of Ptolemaida

Speech in Swimming Teams