With the Body Composition Analysis (Fat Measurement) we locate the percentage and kilos of our body fat, muscle mass, fluids (to control any retention), Visceral fat. It provides us with a set of factors to set the right diet plan

As it is important not to affect body fluids before the fat measurement, you need to keep some conditions before the measurement. That is:

  • 4 hours before fat measurement, do not consume food, water or other liquids.
  • Avoid exercising before 8 hours.
  • 24 hours before fat measurement, do not consume alcohol.
  • It is good that fat measurement does not take place during the days of a woman’s illness as it can affect her result.
  • Fat testing is prohibited for pregnant women for precautionary reasons, and for people who have a pacemaker in their heart or other metal implants in their body.

Body composition analysis is done with the Tanita MC-780MA.